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Organic or Infused...the choice is now yours. Every SalonX product line is available in Organic or Infused with an all-natural silicone. The Infused option has been carefully formulated and the silicone is infused simultaneously with the color deposit process at our factory. The Infused option provides the hair with enhanced protections from the every day chemical elements of life. If your client loves the outdoors, the gym, the pool, the sun or beach, then the Infused option is the perfect fit for them. These are some of the advantages:

* Sealed cuticles

* UV protection/ heat protectant built in

* Hard water resistant

* PH imbalance resistant

* No color fading

* No discolored/ orange rooting

New & Improved

It's All About Hair Quality


We meticulously choose the healthiest and ethically sourced  donor hair, the most vibrant vegan pigment dyes and manufacture all of our products under ISO 9001 certified standards. This gives our clients the highest quality hair extensions on the market. 



" Salon Xtensions is like no other!! The quality of the hair is beyond amazing, the best I've ever worked with. They have an amazing range of colors to get the perfect match for everyone". 

" I have used Salon Xtensions hair not only on all of my clients, but myself too. They have so many colors and the hair lasts for over a year".

Pro Stylist/ Educator Michaela Parchim, WI

Pro Stylist India Knight, CA

" Salon Xtensions hair is outrageously good"

Pro Stylist/ Drew Perez, WI

" I use Salon Xtensions on my clients all of the time and we love them!! The quality and color is amazing!"

Pro Stylist Lauren Mellott, OH

" I love the Invisible Bead Method with Salon Xtensions Hair. The hair is weightless and seamless. The customer service is amazing and the quality of this hair is the highest grade that I have ever used...and I have used every major brand for years. SalonX is right up with all the best of them. I'm a very busy stylist and all I have to do is call or text my SalonX rep and they are there for me every time. They guide me through color matching and textures. Five stars all the way for Salon Xtensions". 

" I only order Salon Xtensions hair. Their quality and colors are by far better than all the other brands I've used. They last longer and the colors are very vibrant. There is hardly any shedding and the extensions last easily up to a year. I'm so happy with the quality of these extensions".

Pro Stylist/ Educator/ Salon Owner Kayla Pfeifer, CA

Pro Stylist Jessica LeBlanc, PA

" The quality of Salon Xtensions is incredible! I always know that when I make a purchase that I will receive top notch quality and with the best customer service experience".

" Salon Xtensions is the best quality hair! This is our go to extension company for our clients. We are always very happy with the hair. I highly recommend buying Salon Xtensions, we will be buying again!".

Salon Owner Lisa Rose-Salon Vivace, OH

Pro Stylist Jessica Golden, LA

" This is what I have been looking for in a luxury brand of hair extensions. The hair quality is unbelievable. The colors are amazing and never turn brassy. They color beautifully if you need to customize them. My clients even rave how great these extensions feel and wear over time. Salon Xtensions sales team is incredible. They always answer all of my questions and return my calls promptly. They care about their products and their customers. It really shows every step of the way".

Stephanie McDowall, Extension Specialist/ IBE Master, FL

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