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  • I'm a licensed stylist, how do I gain access to the site?
    We welcome all licensed stylists to apply for a pro account by clicking on the "Log In" icon at the top of our website. It will ask you if you already have an account, which you can click and enter your username and password, or to "Create a new account". When you apply for a new pro account, please have your license number and licensed state available. All licenses are verified through each state's licensing boards.
  • Is Salon Xtensions available to the public?
    With the one exception of the Sasha Colby Ponytails, Salon Xtensions is a professionals only hair extension company. Pricing, details and purchasing is restricted to approved licensed stylists. A licensed approved pro account is required to view and purchase all of the professional lines of products (SalonX Pro Menu).
  • What textures are in stock?
    SalonX has straight, beach wave and natural wave in stock. All other textures can be made and will be considered a custom order. All custom orders require 4 weeks to produce.
  • Do you have any products that ship the same day?
    Yes! Our Micro Weft Singles are the only products at this time that will ship the same day.
  • Can I get consistent inventory from SalonX?
    Yes. We carry at all times millions of dollars of inventory in our North American warehouses, so our stylists can get them when they order. You'll never have to wait weeks for out of stock items again. All of our stock is constantly replenished well before any product is close to running low.
  • Can you ship via another carrier than USPS?
    Yes. We can ship worldwide via UPS as well. At the checkout, you'll have a place to add notes. There, you can request to ship your order via UPS. Please indicate UPS ground, 2nd air or overnight. We will invoice you for the difference between USPS and UPS, if there is a difference.
  • Can I place custom orders?
    Yes. We can custom make any of our product lines. You can customize the length (up to 30"), texture (20 different textures available), color and volume. All custom orders require 4 weeks for production.
  • Why does it take 1 week to get my orders?
    It's all about logistics and quality control. SalonX receives hundreds of orders every day. We service each order in the order that they are received. We also store all of our inventory in climate/ static controlled warehouses in temperate states in the USA. Once an order is placed, the stock moves from our storage facilities to our fulfillment facilities in another state. Your order is then inspected for quality and order accuracy. It is then picked, packed and shipped to you. This is why it takes 1 week for you to get your orders. SalonX will never compromise quality for speed. "Slow, steady and consistent wins the race".
  • When will I receive my orders?
    All in stock products will be received 1 week from time of order.
  • When should I book my custom order clients.
    Book all custom order clients 5 weeks from time of hair order. This allows time to manufacture and has contingency time built in for shipping from India and custom clearances.
  • When should I book my install clients?
    We recommend that you book your install clients 2 weeks from time of hair order. Even though you will receive your orders in 1 week, we encourage 2 week bookings to mitigate any fulfillment/ shipping/ customs risks due to global unrest, COVID-19 and supply chain risks. If you stick to the 2 week rule of thumb, you'll never run into any issues with receiving hair from us on time for all of your bookings.
  • What type of hair does Salon Xtensions use?
    Salon Xtensions uses European Virgin hair. Full cuticles are intact.
  • Does SalonX use latex or Formaldehyde on any products?
    Absolutely not. We use only natural vegan ingredients and all of our products are hypoallergenic.
  • What does "silicone infused" mean?
    We use an all natural silicone that is mixed in with our color and deposited into the cortex during the coloring process at our factory. The silicone does not cover or coat the hair. There is little to no visible shine, because it is inside the hair strands, instead of sitting on top of the hair. Silicone by itself, contrary to the internet jargon, is in almost every beauty product and is completely safe and harmless. It's when silicone is mixed with other chemicals that it becomes harmful. We don't use any additives with our silicone. It's 100% pure and natural. The infused silicone helps provide extra protection against UV rays, salt, chlorine and acids from body fluids. We recommend the infused silicone option for clients that are active. Clients that frequent the beach, pool and gym.
  • What is the difference between Virgin and Remy hair?
    Salon Xtensions only uses European Virgin hair for all of our product lines. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding these 2 very important terms. They make all the difference for hair extension lifespan, natural fall, color deposits, resiliency and manageability. Virgin hair is a superior quality hair than Remy hair. Virgin Hair: Virgin hair comes from a single healthy donor. It is naturally Remy, because the cuticles are naturally aligned. That's how hair grows naturally on your own head. All the cuticles are naturally grown aligned. There is no need for any factory workers to manually align the cuticles. Virgin hair falls the most natural, can accept color deposits better, holds textures longer and has a longer overall lifespan than Remy hair. Remy Hair: Remy hair comes from several different donors and the cuticles are aligned manually by factory workers. It is not naturally aligned and not every head of hair is compatible with another head of hair. There is no way of knowing how each donor's hair will react unless you wear them. Sometimes they don't mix well. You'll see this when you have some hair strands or patches of the extensions that perform differently than other sections in the same pack. This is because there are multiple donors hair in the same pack of extensions.
  • Can I color SalonX hair?
    Yes, you can. Please use the right oxidation process and the hair will receive the new deposits very well. Stylist recommendations are Redken and Pulp Riot color.
  • Is my shower water important?
    Yes, very important. The goal for any healthy water source to drink or wash with is a PH of 7 (neutral). Any PH balance above or below level 7 should be corrected. Acidic or Alkaline levels can have long term adverse effects on your hair extensions, your own hair, skin and nails. Simple solutions can be the installation of a shower head water filter or by using bottled purified water to wash your hair extensions.
  • How do I use the K18 Biomimetic Hair Science Shampoo's and Hair Mask?
    It is important that the K18 line is used from the very first wash of your new SalonX hair extensions and throughout the maintenance process at home. This will ensure sufficient hydration and protection from the daily elements. Remember to always use a showerhead water filter to limit the amount hard water mineral build up on your hair. Washing: - Wash/ Shampoo your hair no more than 3x per week. 2x weekly shampooing will utilize the K18 PH Shampoo. - One of those 3 washes every week, you will utilize the K18 Detox Shampoo. The K18 Detox Shampoo when used 1x per week, will remove any product build up/ hard water minerals left over from your showerhead filter. It will also help reset your hair's PH. Conditioning: - use the K18 leave in mask after every Shampoo treatment. Water Temperatures: Water temperatures are important when cleaning hair extensions. Rule of thumb, use Luke-warm water when shampooing and always rinse in cold water.
  • How often should I wash hair extensions?
    Hair extensions should be washed at least as possible. No more than 3x per week. They don't get as dirty as you may think, especially if the client is brushing the hair extensions properly and regularly. Over washing will unnecessarily dry out the hair extensions and make them unmanageable. Don't forget to use purified water!
  • What hair care products work well with Salon Xtensions hair?
    We have professional stylists from all over the world that provide us with first hand experience on professional hair care products that works well with our entire line of hair extensions. We also have 3 in-house hair Chemists that test all of these products with our hair under several different conditions/ elements. The following is a list of professional products that works well and some that don't work well with our extensions. Not all hair extensions are made the same, so these results are for SalonX hair only. Also, please do not mix hair care brands on our hair extensions. If, for example, you are going to use one brand like Amika, please make sure that you use the entire Amika line and do not mix Amika with Iles, K18, Goldie Locks or Malibu C. These brands derive their chemical formulas to work in conjunction with their own lines, only. Works extremely well with SalonX hair with a wide range of PH. *** K18 HairScience, Peptide Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask *** Works well with SalonX hair with a smaller range of PH: RemySoft (sold on our website) Amika Normcore Iles Formula Goldie Locks Malibu C (removes hard water minerals) Doesn't work well with SalonX hair: Oribe Olaplex Matrix Kevin Murphy Surface
  • Does SalonX offer wholesale pricing or Salon packages?
    Yes. Please go to the "Wholesale" tab on the main menu of our website. Fill out the wholesale form and we will contact you within 1 business day to discuss the programs with you.
  • Are the prices on the website pro prices?
    Yes. All prices listed are highly competitive professional pricing. We compare our prices against other brands regularly, so that we can offer the best possible value to our stylists.
  • Does SalonX offer Education/ Certification classes?
    Yes. We offer a 4 method extension certification class and master class. In addition we offer Men's Hair Replacement (MHR) certification and master classes. We also offer Salon/ Extension business classes. Please contact us for further details.
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