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Return Policy

30-Day Limited Warranty:

Salon Xtensions takes great pride in our craftmanship and quality assurance and we stand behind it. This means each customer is assured that they will receive the highest quality hair and craftmanship on each and every product. We stand behind this passion by offering a 30-day limited warranty against manufacturers defects. Defects are described as products unraveling, shedding or tangling, before the product is installed. Once the product is installed the warranty is no longer in effect. The 30-days are available, because the product may not be installed right away and we understand that clients have a 2-3 weeks before their installation appointments are set. There will be no refunds, exchanges or store credits considered after the 30-day warranty has expired. The warranty will expire 30 days from time of order. 

What Is Covered:

Salon Xtensions will warranty against the following stipulations only before installation:

1.) The hair appears to be shedding more than normal. Normal is considered 10-15 strands per day. All real human hair breaks and sheds, but excessive shedding is what is covered under warranty.

2.) The color appears to be not matching our color ring used as reference at time of order. Customer will have to show picture proof of the hair against our color ring, before an RMA is issued.

3) Stitching is unraveling or broken. These s extremely rare, but can happen.

What Is Not Covered:

Anytime the original package has been opened, custom orders, the limited warranty does not apply. For informational purposes, the following is not covered by SalonX's limited warranty. Any hair tangling, damage, drying, breakage or matting because of the following:

1.) Improper installations/ move ups.

2.) Toning, lifting, purple shampoo or bleaching the hair.

3.) Color deposits or rooting. 

4.) Exposure to UV rays, salt, chlorine, PH acidic or alkaline water levels, hard mineral or well water.

5) Use of hair care products that are anything but our approved 3-step extension care system by RemySoft.

6) Custom orders final sale/ non-refundable. Non-returnable. 

What To Do In Case Of A Warranty Claim:

No problem! If after reading the above, you still feel that you have a warranty claim, please fill out the RMA FORM by clicking here. We look forward to expediting the RMA process for you. 

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