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Out with the old and in with the new, couldn't hold more true than with the new SalonX Micro Wefts. The old are the Hand-Tied Wefts and the new are the Micro Wefts. What makes these better than the Hand-Tied Wefts? Beside brilliant engineering and technology, so many other advantages are listed down below. Once you install these into your old Hand-Tied clients, they will never return back to Hand-Tied Wefts again. You can use all of the same hand-tied methods on the Micro Wefts. These are the new and improved hand-tied weft 2.0. A real industry disruptor and without a doubt a real game-changer. Available in both full packs and singles. Get yours today!




- no return (mustache). No more itchy/ irritated scalps

lays flat to each head contour

- can be cut without raveling or shedding

- precision head placements

- lighter and thinner than hand-tied wefts

- more confortable than hand-tied wefts

- more hair. 20g Micro Weft vs. 15g Hand-Tied Weft

-  almost invisible weft

- less layers required per row. No more weight tension on the each row. 


Product Specifications:


Hair:                   European Virgin (Single Donor/ Full Cuticle) Human Hair

Draw:                 Super Double Drawn (ends just as thick as the tops)

Remy:                Yes. Natural Remy.

Lengths:            18", 20", 22", 24"

Weight:              20g per weft, regardless of length

Weft:                   0.4mm thickness

Width:                10"-11" per weft

Cut?:                   Yes

Return?:             No

Pack:                   5 pcs per pack (100g)

Full Head:          1-2 packs

Methods:            all sew in/ beaded methods are compatible 


Delivery Time:  

1 week from time of order. Book your clients 2 weeks out from time of order to mitigate any shipping carrier delays due to Covid-19/ supply chain risks/ market flucuations.

Micro Weft (5 pack)

PriceFrom $425.00
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