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Product Details:


Length:            18"-24"

Origin:              European Virgin

Width:              10-11"

Can Cut?:        No

Wefts:               1 single weft

Weight:            17g

Full Head:        7-10 wefts

Hair:                  Virgin-Single Donor- Full Cuticle

Texture:           Straight (In-stock) all other textures require 4 weeks from time of order.

Draw:                Double Drawn 

Acronym:         P= Piano, B= Balayage, T= Ombre, M= Mix (1:1)

Silicone Infusion Available?: Yes



These are the workhorses of hand-tied stylists everywhere. They come in over 25 different colors that include 12 different rooted balayages and Ombres. These hand-tieds are the most discreet and comfortable wefts for your client. Combine these European Hand-Tied Wefts with our RemySoft 3-step hair care system and these wefts can last up to a year. Order today!

Hand-Tied Wefts (Singles)

PriceFrom $69.00
  • This product will be delivered to you in 1 week from order date. 

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