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If you like Hand-Tied Wefts, you're going to love the all new Salon Xtension X-Wefts! These extremely thin wefts can be installed using all of the hand-tied methods available on the market. What makes these so much better than hand-tieds?:


- the fact that these wefts can be cut anywhere for precise placement(s)

- they don't have that itchy mustache (hair return); they lay flat to the clients head;

- the weft is half the thickness (0.3mm) than the typical hand-tied wefts;

- super double drawn hair (2x thicker at the ends than the top of the weft)

- zero shedding


Product Details:


- 4 wefts per pack

- 25g per weft/ 100g total weight per pack

- 12.5" width each weft

- 0.3mm thickness (half the thickness of hand-tied wefts)

- can be cut anywhere on the weft

- super double drawn virgin remy hair (2x thicker ends)

- infused silicone on all packs

- can be layered in rows just like hand-tieds

- lays flat to the head

- much more pliable than hand-tieds

- Full head (1-2 packs)




24" X-Wefts (Full Pack)

  • You can expect to receive this product within one week from time fo order. 

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