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Extension Care

Nothing could be more important to the health of your hair extensions than the care you perform at home. Your stylist has done amazing job in the chair. Now, lets keep that salon look at home. All hair extensions require special care. It doesn't take a lot of work, either. It takes the right products and a consistent regimen. If you use our hair care products and follow our easy hair care steps, your hair extensions will last a very long time. 


Salon Xtensions has exclusively partnered with RemySoft Pro Hair Care to provide our extension customers the very best in hair care products. The Moisture Lab 3-step system cleans, conditions and seals all types of hair extensions, wefts and wigs. These formulas have been specifically designed for hair extensions. They provide the necessary oils and  moisture to keep your hair extensions feeling soft and silky. When used together provides a protective barrier against PH imbalance, hard water damage and UV rays. The Daily Refresher also acts as a heat protectant preventing your hair extensions from drying out from hair dryers and flat irons. SalonX and RemySoft is the key to protecting your luxury locks!

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Filtered Water...a must!

Have you every felt your skin or hair after a shower in hard water? Or have you seen the limescale build up inside your dishwasher from hard water? Not only is filtered water essential for your hair extensions, but it's also vital for your own hair. SalonX highly recommends a showerhead water filter. Here is a link to Amazon for a very good inexpensive showerhead filter. It only takes 10 minutes to install with no tools required. Your hair, skin and nails will thank you.

Inside every order is the Xtensions Care card. Follow these simple steps to maintain that fresh out-of-the salon look for months to come! 

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